How Otti’s Escape, a debut novel, came to be

As a single parent in London making a living as a child minder, a normal day went something like this:”Holy nightmare, Batman!”

“Let’s go, Robin!”

Wroom! Whack! POW! Bam!!

-at the end of which I’m sure you can imagine I felt sorely in need of some adult ‘head-space’.

There was only one way to get it; I had to grab the only time that was free, and so started to go to bed early – my son often still playing in his room – in order to get up in the early hours when the rest of the world was still slumbering. In this magical, quiet space, between 5 and 7 in the morning, with the blissful absence of phone calls, visitors and superheroes, a fledgling Otti’s Escape started to emerge.

Many years later, after resting on shelves, being rewritten, being reviewed, resting on shelves some more, moving house, having an airing on ‘Authonomy’ and finally being reviewed by a bona fide editor , I felt Otti’s Escape had finally gathered enough weight and strength to stand on its own two feet. On July 15th she was stepping out into the world, published as an e-book on the Matador imprint, a post war, love triangle, psychological drama. I hope you enjoy the story!



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