Sound of 1988

In a bedsit in London with a Commodore64 computer called Paula (yes, that was her name…), a keyboard and a Steinberg (Yamaha) interface 3 music and song tracks were invented, arranged and recorded onto 8 track reel to reel tape.
The 3 tapes sat on my shelf for 30 years, through my son growing up and several house-moves. 8 track reel to reel machines disappeared from the songwriting scene and the tapes could not even be played ‘for my grandchildren’. (Well, havn’t got any yet πŸ™‚ ).
Last winter I heard of someone in London who converts music tapes into tracks on CD and sent the tapes off thinking it would be fun to hear them again. The music came back as editable CD-tracks, and after a bit of editing – here is the result, as good as these tapes will ever sound:) :
The spacious electronic sound of the 80s and a 25 year old singing her heart out.
Hope you’ll have some fun listening to these quirky tracks. Click on Arabian Nights and It Goes Around here:

-and if you like these, please take a look at my Author’s Page: The novel ‘Otti’s Escape’ will be out as an e-book on July 18th. You can read more on Marianne Wagner Author on FaceBook and Marianne Wagner, Matador (Publisher)
I won’t give up my dayjob just yet, Ha, ha, – but if you enjoy please like and share! πŸ™‚
xx Marianne


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